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Here is a photo of a recent kitchen tiling job in Mildura with white porcelain wall tiles. This job was done last month of January this year. See more of our photos at

Tiling and waterproofing is a technical job that requires specialised knowledge and vast experience. Moreover, a significant amount of money, time and energy is needed to complete the project. Since you are investing this much, you will expect safe and durable tiling and waterproofing results.

Always be careful while selecting a company for your tiling and waterproofing job. Presently, the industry is loaded with many average tiling and waterproofing company. Hiring such an inexperienced and uneducated company will cause serious loss of your time, money and energy. Such companies are expensive and deliver poor tiling and waterproofing results. On the other hand, hiring a professional team will ensure the best value of the investment. Therefore, always trust Mildura Tiling & Waterproofing for your tiling and waterproofing needs.

We are a leading tiling and waterproofing company located in Mildura, Australia. We are providing high-quality tiling and waterproofing services for years. Our team is educated, trained and skilled to deliver efficient, effective, safe, durable and rapid solutions for your tiling and waterproofing needs. Our mission is to provide exceptional services at affordable rates. Our dedication, work approach, competency, experience, and cost-effectiveness have played an essential role in the rapid growth of our company. We are proudly the people's first choice for any tiling and waterproofing need.

We are on a mission to provide ultimate satisfaction and happiness. We are proudly completing this mission every single day. Our team strives hard to deliver tiling and waterproofing results that will beyond your needs beyond your satisfaction and desires. We will make sure that you achieve your goal of perfect tiling and waterproofing experience inexpensively.

We are not just limited to residential properties as we have completed several commercial tiling and waterproofing projects. We are equally famous among both residential and business sections. We are fully aware that when you call us, you have a vision in your mind. We will sit down with you correctly understand your desires and needs.

After that our team will find the best possible way to achieve your vision proficiently and competently. Unlike other companies, we don't start any project without proper planning. Even the minimum factors are taken into consideration while designing the perfect plan to achieve your goal. Afterwards, our professionals make sure to execute the project accurately and effectively. Through our vast experience and immense knowledge, we are fully competent to deliver any desired outcomes efficiently. At Mildura Tiling & Waterproofing, all your tiling and waterproofing needs will be fulfilled smoothly and inexpensively.

We are experts in providing solutions that are perfect, safe and durable. With our dedication, competency, and experience in the tiling and waterproofing industry, we have outperformed our competitors. Our workers are equipped with vast knowledge, advanced hardware, and the latest technologies to achieve the best results effectively and efficiently. So, call Mildura Tiling & Waterproofing for excellent tiling and waterproofing services at reasonable rates. We guarantee that you will remain satisfied for years. We offer the following services:

  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Waterproofing
  • Pool Tiling
  • Shower Repairs
  • Tiling Floor and Wall
  • Stone Tiling

If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

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