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Tiling Floor and Wall

See the floor and wall bathroom tiling project we completed in Mildura with white porcelain wall tiles. This photo was taken last year of December. Visit us at for more of our tiling photos.

The tiling floor and wall will enhance the aesthetic beauty and value of your home. Moreover, it will make your home updated, stylish and pleasing. The tiling floor and wall play an essential role in shaping the overall look of your home.

Tiles are durable and can stand heavy foot traffic and scratches. However, tiling is not an easy job and requires high levels of skill and training. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire a team of professionals to perform floor and wall tiling. At Mildura Tiling & Waterproofing, we are providing the most significantstorey and wall tiling services at an affordable price for many years. The dedication and experience of our team members enable them to achieve any goal quickly and effectively.


Always hire a competent and professional team to carry out our floor and wall tiling project. Performing the job on your own will lead you to severe problems. For example, it will be a severe loss of your time, energy, and money. Hence trust Mildura Tiling & Waterproofing for all your floor and wall tiling needs. We will take care of your needs for you. We guarantee high-quality results at a reasonable price.


Many factors play an essential role in selecting the right tiling material for a particular surface in a home. Tiles are accessible in a variety of different designs, colours, and materials. Generally,lightcolours stone tiling is preferred for bathroom whereas glass tiling is favoured for the kitchen. The team at Mildura Tiling & Waterproofing offers all available materials, designs and colour combinations for floor and wall tiling. Moreover, we are fully competent to deliver custom designs.

Timely Tasks

The team at Mildura Tiling & Waterproofing fully understands the significance of time ion your daily life. That is why we will make sure to complete your project in the given timeframe. Our team of professionals will ensure to cause no troubles for you and your family during the whole project. Through our education, experience, dedication, and competency, we are capable of achieving any desired result effectively and rapidly.

Commercial Properties

We have not kept our services limited to the residential sector. We are known to be a premium tiling and waterproofing company among both commercial and residential sections. Apart from residential properties, we have completed many tiling and waterproofing projects in commercial properties, including shopping malls, grocery stores, etc. Our team is equipped with years of experience and the latest technologies that enable them to complete any project quickly and swiftly. We always credit our talented and incredible team for all our success and fame.

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